The Cathedral

The Cathedral is a remembrance of time spent immersed in nature. When one explores nature's vastness, it can provide an unparalleled sense of scale; a perception of the self with newfound clarity.

Backpacking has been a large part of my life for the last decade. It is not about how much gear I can carry or the highest mountain I can climb, but about the experience of nature itself. Nature can be harsh and unforgiving but the time you spend immersed in it is healing and revitalizing. the experience forces your life into perspective-from the smallest snowflake to the boldest mountain-nature's complexity is both awesome and humbling. 

It is an incredibly personal experience, being alone in nature. Nature must be something that is experienced and then remembered. these images are my remembrance of such an experience. 

These photographs were taken throughout the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon. The images were captured over the course of multiple backpacking trips that took place between July and November of 2015. They are arranged in a manner that reflects the journey into nature, rather than in a chronological order.