After over a decade of investing his time, energy, and heart into the photographic process, Sam Bearzi still believes that his knowledge of the craft is ever evolving. Growing up in central Oregon, Sam found himself surrounded by the stunning backdrop of the Cascade mountain range, serene national parks, and striking starry nights. This stimulating environment enabled Bearzi to find a passion for the tranquil beauty of nature and the importance that is plays in our daily lives. 

Although his passion falls within the forested trails of the Pacific Northwest, Sam also finds joy through documenting current evens within the New York community. Sam's work with his school newspaper, Washington Square News, has given him the unique opportunity to chronicle imperative situation within our culture from fashion to sporting events to political movements. Not only does he enjoy photographing events, but also the individuals involved in these instances. Sam believes that people offer the opportunity to tell a story in a pure and simple way that no other subject is able to portray. 

Sam is a graduate of New York University, with a BFA in Photography and Imaging. He was the Photo Editor and then the Multimedia Editor at Washington Square News. In his free time, Sam enjoys backpacking, cooking elaborate meals for loved ones, and exploring new places.